Add LQA superpowers to your Lokalise

Effortlessly evaluate and analyze the quality of translations from Lokalise with ContentQuo

Automatically sync your projects, tasks, users

ContentQuo uses Lokalise API to continuously sync your projects, tasks or tags (some or all) whenever they are updated in Lokalise

Import translations for LQA in a few clicks

Just select which tasks or tags to LQA (even across projects!) and we’ll bring them into ContentQuo. No more manual exports & imports!

Evaluate quality, send feedback, and arbitrate

ContentQuo Evaluate enables you to assess quality of Lokalise translations, gather valuable metrics, and fairly deliver feedback to vendors

Analyze quality metrics and get deep insights

Once you have some data, ContentQuo Analyze will unlock valuable insights on your translation quality, vendor quality, and MT quality

Export updated strings to Lokalise

If you’ve made improvements to your translations during LQA, ContentQuo can push updated strings to Lokalise (with overwrite protection!)

Even more power-ups for XTM Quality Management


ContentQuo Analyze

Get valuable insights from your language quality data
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ContentQuo Evaluate HT

Automate LQA workflows and human translator feedback loops
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Translation Quality Evaluation - typical workflow at scale

When you use Lokalise only

When you add ContentQuo

No error annotation
There is no ability to categorize translation quality issues or assign severity levels in Lokalise
MQM-compliant Error Annotation
Import your strings into ContentQuo to categorize translation quality issues in any quality framework
No quality scoring
There is no automatic calculation of a quality score, error points, or any other linguistic quality KPI in Lokalise
Real-time quality scoring
Put a number to your errors in order to have objective evaluation of translation quality
No rebuttal or arbitration
There is no ability to quickly send structured feedback to your translators and let them respond or object
Built-in rebuttal and arbitration
Easily forward feedback to your vendor in 1 click, so that they can learn from mistakes and push back
No LQA analytics or reports
There are no built-in reports for any language quality KPIs in Lokalise, since there is no data to report on
Highly sophisticated quality reports
Discover deep insights about your linguistic quality through many reports in ContentQuo Analyze

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