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Automate and scale translation quality evaluation, translator feedback, and LQA

Online environment to inspect translations for quality issues

Integrated scoring, rebuttal & arbitration, with statistics

Works with your TMS or without a TMS - just upload bilingual files!

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Where does it fit in my localization workflow?

Humans make mistakes - it’s a fact of life. Even in the most thought-out localization processes using the best suppliers and tools, translation routinely goes bad. The only thing you can do is constantly analyze your translations for mistakes, quantify them, train the team to avoid them, and monitor how they are doing over time. ContentQuo Evaluate HT makes it easy, fast, and efficient to run this process at any scale, with any quality framework.

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Why use specialized LQA software instead of Excel?

less overhead
Your team has better things to do than doing boring manual work like  copy&paste into Excel and emails
faster insights
Centralize your quality measurements in one database and get results instantly, not in weeks
more feedback
Get categorized, well-structured feedback from linguists that helps you train your engines better

Import from TMS or upload any XLIFF

Bring in any bilingual files either directly from a supported TMS or through manual upload from any source. Even Excel files!

1-click automatic Random Sampling

Just say how many words you need, and ContentQuo will pick a sample that’s easy to review AND within your budget. Effortlessly.

Annotate with any quality framework

Review the translation, flag quality issues, categorize them according to your error typology, add descriptions, and more!

Integrated scoring, rebuttal & arbitration

Instantly see the quality score and deliver feedback to your translators. Have them accept or reject it - then handle any rejections online.

Unlimited number of user accounts

All subscriptions plans do not have any limits on how many linguists or project managers can access the system — bring them all in at once!

Two-way integration with your TMS

Plays nicely with your existing toolset

We recognize that linguistic quality programs don’t happen in a vacuum: there are all sorts of other localization tools you or your clients are already using in order to produce localized content. This is exactly why we made ContentQuo interoperable and standards-based.
Upload any XLIFF, Excel, CSV, or TMX
All popular XLIFF varities from most popular CAT and TMS tools can be read and written by ContentQuo. Other bilingual formats like XLSX can be read, with per-project column configuration. 20+ file formats!
Import existing offline quality scorecards
Have been doing LQA in spreadsheets for years? ContentQuo can import all of those, so that you don’t lose any of those precious quality KPIs and can centralize them from day 1.
Read XLIFF revision history or compare versions
We import change history  automatically from supported XLIFF flavors like Trados or memoQ. If unavailable, you can always ask ContentQuo to compare 2 file revisions and find changes.
Pull data in and out of your TMS automatically
Through our TMS integrations, we can synchronize your user accounts, projects, and translation jobs into ContentQuo - and also make changes in your TMS when certain conditions are met.
Write all modified translations back into XLIFF
For easily updating your TM after an LQA or mock post-editing sessions, ContentQuo records all the changes done to translated text back into your bilinguals so that you can import them into TM
Export scorecards into customizable Excel
When you just need that offline copy, export a single quality scorecard from ContentQuo into an Excel, or export a summary of all your quality evaluations, or get a ZIP with all individual scorecards - in just a click

Infinitely flexible to match your quality process

ContentQuo offers unprecedented flexibility to exactly match your existing human evaluation workflow and methodology. Your team doesn’t need to adapt the way they work - instead, the tool adapts to you!
Customizable error typologies
Mix and match any MQM error categories into your custom quality profile. Define any weights and penalties, even for specific combinations of category and severity if needed.
Customizable rating scales
Use 3-point, 4-point, or 5-point scales. Assess Adequacy and Fluency, or Accuracy / Language / Style, or Expected Edit Effort - the choice is yours. Different projects can use different scales.
Customizable number of evaluators
Get averaged ratings from 2 to 5 linguists simultaneously for more objective Adequacy-Fluency evaluations. Or just assign 1 linguist.
Customizable workflow steps
Have a senior linguist double-check the assessment, or disable post-editing to focus on evaluation only. Switch the workflow per project if needed.
Customizable Edit Distance metrics
Customizable quality grading & scoring

As safe as a safe. Or even safer.

Whether you’re a corporate team or an LSP, you know that working with proprietary or even high-sensitivity content requires you using only secure and trusted SaaS platforms. This is what we obsess about at ContentQuo - keeping your (and your client’s) data safe.
Secure public cloud hosting in the EU
By default. your ContentQuo will be hosted in a secure Tier4 grade datacenter facility in the European Union (typically Germany). Our preferred hosting partners are Hetzner GmbH and Microsoft Azure.
Private cloud hosting in EU, US, ANZ
For higher security and deeper data isolation, we can deploy ContentQuo in your Microsoft Azure account - our team will manage it for you while you cover the cloud subscription costs.
On-premise hosting in your datacenter
For those rare, highly-sensitive cases where you need 100% control over your infrastructure, ContentQuo can be deployed on premise on your  hardware - even without Internet access.
Stringent security audits by top companies
We have passed numerous information security audits from our customers working both in the commercial and in the government sectors, so that you be confident about your data being secure.
Fully GDPR compliant EU company
As an EU company serving many EU public sector organizations, we place a special emphasis on treating your personal data right, including dedicated features such as user anonymization.
Flexible access and visibility controls
Different global roles have different permissions in the system, while different teams can have access to different sets of projects in the system. Even granular permissions on each workflow step can be set.

Easy to learn, implement, and succeed

Even great software can be useless if you don’t understand how exactly could you achieve great results with it. We work hard to keep our platform as simple as possible over the years, while listening to user feedback and taking it onboard to make everything better for you.
5-minute learning curve for your linguists
If your translators has seen a CAT tool, they will be able to start with ContentQuo in no time. Our built-in guidance explains the core of quality evaluation, rebuttal, and arbitration processes to each one.
Always personal client onboarding
Regardless of the subscription plan you choose, count on having a real human expert introduce you to all the details of using ContentQuo in your specific scenarios and situations
Technical support you can count on
Have a difficult process question, or looking to workaround a limitation? Our team members have decades of localization experience on both buyer and vendor side -- we get it!
Continuous new features and bugfixes
We have been building our technology non-stop since 2015, and our Engineering team ships new things and fix problems every 2 weeks -- more cool stuff is always coming for you to use in your work
Built on best practices for linguistic quality
We happen to work with some of the brightest minds focused on Localization Qualitry Management in enterprise, government, and LSP parts of this industry. Our tech helps you leverage all that!
Start small - or go big on day one
Our flexible product suite and licensing approach means that we can offer the best value to meet your process, scale, and integration needs. This is why ContentQuo is preferred by big and small teams alike.

Bring your vendors, your freelancers, or your in-house team

ContentQuo Evaluate HT is not tied to any specific Language Service Provider - you choose your own suppliers! Many LSPs from the Global Top-100 already use our platform. Here are some of them:


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