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Human insights into your Machine Translation quality

Gather deep insights on Machine Translation quality with 90% less manual overhead and up to 500% faster, using any LSP or your own in-house linguists (or both)

Human input on MT quality is essential. ContentQuo makes it as fast and cheap to get as (humanly) possible.

Human evaluation is valuable indeed but it is nor fast or cheap if you outsource it to trained professionals, which is what we do at CPSL. In this sense, moving from spreadsheets to ContentQuo has been a big leap for us. All our professional evaluators prefer ContentQuo over spreadsheets, and our customers benefit from the speed with which we can send our proposals and scalability helps us keep evaluation costs within budget.

Lucía Guerrero
Machine Translation Specialist, CPSL
Mix & match methodologies
Need quick&dirty judgment from your human linguists? Use Adequacy-Fluency or any form of rating scale. Want deep, detailed insights? Use TAUS DQF or any other error typology. Require a hybrid solution combining both approaches? No problem!
No emails to send anymore
No more manual work! ContentQuo automatically samples your MT output, delivers it to your linguists or Language Service Provider for evaluation, makes it easy for them to do the evaluation, and gets you back in-depth reports — all in just a few clicks.

Works with your favorite TMS

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