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Go beyond basic LQA features of XTM Cloud

Flexibly evaluate and analyze the quality of translations from XTM with ContentQuo

Current process [in XTM] is too manual. Quality managers spend too much time on administrative tasks. Our goal is to be very agile - automation is key. Reporting is a big deal, but we don’t have the right level of detail. So far, ContentQuo is the most advanced solution we have seen [to automate linguistic quality programs and reporting on quality KPIs].

Localization Vendor Manager, global Travel industry company

Automatically import XTM LQA scorecards...

If you use XTM LQA workflow step, ContentQuo can continuously import your LQA scorecards from XTM. No more tedious export & import. ever!
feature get instant visual insights into quality KPIs

ContentQuo’s interactive real-time quality reports will instantly unlock a treasure trove of insights hidden deep inside your XTM Cloud!

Or completely replace XTM LQA workflow step...

Many mature Localization teams prefer to run quality evaluation as a separate process, independent from the translation workflow in their TMS. ContentQuo XTM integration makes it easy!

...with a purpose-built, highly flexible LQA tool

Visually annotate errors with any quality framework, enjoy real-time scoring and grading, deliver feedback to vendors and perform arbitration effortlessly and collaboratively

...which automatically updates your TM in XTM

If you make any improvements to your translations during LQA, ContentQuo can push updated jobs to XTM (and even change workflow status if needed)

Even more power-ups for XTM Quality Management


ContentQuo Analyze

Get valuable insights from your language quality data
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ContentQuo Evaluate HT

Automate LQA workflows and human translator feedback loops
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Translation Quality Evaluation - typical workflow at scale

When you use XTM only

When you add ContentQuo

Error annotations are difficult to see & add
Annotating quality issues takes a lot of clicks. Quality issues are hard to spot in a segment after being added, and are displayed out of context - hard to understand.
Intuitive, fast, visual Error Annotation
Quickly and easily annotate quality issues in just a couple of clicks. Instantly & clearly see LQA marks. Linguists are more comfortable & perform better!
Only 1 active LQA configuration
One size fits all - there is no ability to define multpile LQA configurations that apply to different content types. Error weights can’t be configured precisely.
Any number of LQA configurations
Use as many quality profiles as needed with different categories, weights, grading, colors, etc. Attach them to content types and flexibly define weights!
No grading - not even PASS or FAIL
The only KPI recorded is the quality score. Even basic grading such as PASS/FAIL might not be available.
Flexible grading that you decide on
Is 95% a Perfect translation? Or is it only Average? You setup how exactly to grade your translations. Grades make quality analytics much easier!
No LQA analytics or reports
There are no built-in reports for any language quality KPIs in XTM. You export Excel scorecards manually and spend a lot of time preparing & updating offline reports.
Sophisticated, real-time quality reports
Discover deep insights about your linguistic quality through 30+ preset reports with issue-level details. Custom reports and KPIs available on demand!

Is it time to go beyond basic LQA features of your XTM?

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