AI-Assisted Platform for Linguistic Quality Management

Vendor-agnostic cloud software platform for managing & scaling Language Quality Assessment (LQA) programs for human/ machine translations & LLM evaluation

Time to take language quality seriously

Some localization teams approach translation quality as a game of whack-a-mole. A review here, a spreadsheet there, and call it a day. We didn’t make ContentQuo for these teams.

We made it for the teams that take language quality seriously. Teams that want to have a systematic, objective, and effective process to monitor and improve quality of translation.

One software platform. Infinite flexibility.

Taking linguistic quality seriously means having all the right tools at your disposal and metrics in your direct view. ContentQuo puts you at the rudder and lets you manage your localization quality with unrivalled control and flexibility.


Why use specialized software for automating your LQA workflows?

less overhead
Your team has better things to do than doing boring manual work like copy&paste into Excel and emails
faster insights
Centralize your quality measurements in one database and get results instantly, not in weeks
more feedback
Get categorized, well-structured feedback from linguists that helps you train your engines better

Works with your favorite TMS

Or without a TMS

Add translation quality management superpowers to any TMS! ContentQuo's standalone cloud-based solution connects to your favorite Translation Management system such as Wordbee, XTM, Smartling, Phrase TMS, and memoQ.

use cases

It feels great
to automate

Monitor your translation vendors

From screening candidate translators to tracking supplier performance by language and product line, ContentQuo can help you achieve 100% transparency

Run LQA programs at any scale
Assess Machine Translation engines
Handle client & peer complaints
use cases

It feels great
to automate

Monitor your translation vendors

From screening candidate translators to tracking supplier performance by language and product line, ContentQuo can help you achieve 100% transparency

Run random quality audits

ContentQuo turns linguistic quality evaluations into a repeatable process, so you can scale it up to as many products, business units, languages, vendors, or clients as you need.

Assess Machine Translation engines

ContentQuo helps you reveal the quality of Raw MT through human linguist input and mine Post-Edited MT for insights that help improve engines

Handle client & peer complaints

Your clients, managers, or users unhappy about your translations? Apply a sophisticated data-driven approach to analyze feedback & corrections, and impress your stakeholders with your continuous improvement


Bring your vendors, your freelancers, or your in-house team

ContentQuo is not tied to any specific Language Service Provider - you choose your own suppliers! Many LSPs from the Global Top-100 already use our platform. Here are some of them:


What do our
users say

The love you show (to the product and users) makes all the difference. You make QA appealing and fun. To me, you guys are an inspiration! You make QA appealing and fun.

Quality Control Supervisor,
Global Top-10 LSP

This is the only tool that appears to suit what we are doing in our localization quality program.

Sr. L10N Technology Manager,
US tech unicorn

You make it so easy to work with you (unlike our internal IT team)!

Head of Quality Unit,
EU government

Get on the
quality track

It’s about time to start taking quality seriously. Start your journey to linguistic quality excellence today.
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Translation agencies + ContentQuo = new revenue + happy clients


Learn how to use quality metrics to increase sales and retain more clients


Learn how to deliver feedback faster and reveal objective quality

How good is your
Machine Translation?

Learn how to approach MT quality EVALUATION

Want to understand quality management for Machine Translation?

Learn how ContentQuo can make it easy for you

Gathering and analyzing linguist input on MT quality is crucial

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Help your localization team cut time-to-market and prevent embarrassing errors in your global content

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Designing data-driven Quality Evaluation programs for scale

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