Designing data-driven buyer-side linguistic quality programs for scale

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Course presented by Kirill Soloviev CEO & Co-Founder, ContentQuo


How can a language quality strategy help my localization?

No matter what content types you're localizing, a properly designed translation quality program can speed up time-to-market and lower the risk of inadequate localization, especially when you scale.
Faster In-Country Review
for Marketing/Support content
Less bugs from LQA Testing
for Product/Software content
Full visibility of vendor quality
for any content

Is this course useful for me?

Are you a localization leader responsible for an entire cross-functional team?

Or maybe you've been specifically tasked to deal with linguistic quality challenges withinin your localization team?

Is your job focused on improving the work of human translators and/or Machine Translation working on your Localization program?

If you answered "yes" to any of those, this course is for you!

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how does it work

6 concise video / text lessons

You will receive six short video lessons via email, one by one! Most videos are around 10 minutes in length. They are also accompanied by text in case you prefer to read.

In your mailbox, once a week

The first email will arrive the same day you register for the course. Then you will be receiving a new email every 7 days so that you have enough time to study the material.

Ask me anything

In case you’ll have any questions about the subject you will be able to apply for an individual appointment with Kirill to clarify those and get help with your program
what is included

Lessons overview

Why is translation quality such a big deal, anyway?

SDL's research has found that quality in translation is 6x more important than price. We couldn't agree more!

A tiny bit of theory first

Quality management in general, and translation quality management in particular, rests on 5 pillars.

Goals and methodology

Once you've decided to embark on a journey of spinning up your own linguistic quality program, several key questions must be settled first.

Point of measurement and process

Can you evaluate linguistic quality of a translation before said translation is сreated? Obviously not.

Resourcing, tools and budgeting

How many quality evaluators do you need to screw in a lightbulb?..
Your instructor

Kirill Soloviev

CEO & Co-Founder, ContentQuo
  • 20 years in Localization
  • Former Global Localization Director of a now-Unicorn tech company
  • Translation Quality Management expert, frequent speaker & panel moderator at LocWorld, GALA, AMTA, and TAUS conferences. Contributor to international quality standards.
  • 5+ years experience in helping medium and large translation organizations across commercial, government, and LSP sectors with deployment of scalable, efficient quality programs for their human vendors and MT engines.
  • MS Computer Science from top regional university

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