INTEGRATIONS • Phrase TMS (Memsource)

Go beyond Memsource's built-in basic LQA

Fully automate complex LQA programs around Phrase TMS (formerly Memsource) translations

Automatically sync your projects, tasks, users

ContentQuo uses Memsource API to continuously sync your projects, jobs, and users (some or all) whenever they are updated in Memsource

Import any mix of translations for LQA

Select a combination of jobs from any project and send them to LQA, from any workflow step

Evaluate quality, send feedback, and arbitrate

ContentQuo Evaluate enables you to not only assess quality of Memsource translations, but also to deliver structured feedback to vendors and arbitrate disagreements

Analyze quality metrics and get deep insights

Once you have some LQAs done, ContentQuo Analyze will unlock valuable insights on your translation quality that are simply not available in Memsource

Export updated jobs & change workflow steps

If you’ve made improvements to your translations during LQA, ContentQuo can push updated jobs to Memsource and even update the workflow steps


ContentQuo Analyze

Get valuable insights from your language quality data
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ContentQuo Evaluate HT

Automate LQA workflows and human translator feedback loops
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Translation Quality Evaluation - typical workflow at scale

When you use Memsource only

When you add ContentQuo

Basic error annotation only
There is no ability to categorize translation quality issues or assign severity levels in Lokalise