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Import your offline quality scorecards from Excel

Any Excel template, any number of files, any quality framework

Lots of LQA forms but no real insights?

Many teams start their journey to Linguistic Quality Management with spreadsheet-based forms in Excel that are sent back & forth by email. However, this makes it very difficult to centralize and analyze this data.

Reveal your quality metrics by importing them to ContentQuo!

ContentQuo can import hundreds of quality scorecards from Excel spreadsheets and instantly give you insights into your linguistic quality metrics & vendor performance via ContentQuo Analyze, our dedicated linguistic quality analytics solution.

All scorecard file layouts supported

We work with you to thoroughly analyze your Excel LQA forms and make sure that all information stored within them is carefully captured - project names, vendors, languages, scores, arbitration feedback, etc. No useful data left behind!

Any quality framework(s) possible

Since ContentQuo supports any possible translation error typology framework (thanks to our MQM architecture), all the painstakingly designed categories and severities will be exactly preserved during import.

Real-time insights on language quality metrics, effortlessly

With ContentQuo Analyze, our quality metrics reporting solution, you'll be able to finally see what has been going on with the quality of your translations, LSPs, and Machine Translation engines

Supercharge your linguistic quality program after import


ContentQuo Analyze

Get valuable insights from your language quality data
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ContentQuo Evaluate HT

Automate LQA workflows and human translator feedback loops
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Translation Quality Evaluation - typical workflow at scale

When you use Excel

When you add ContentQuo

LQA forms scattered everywhere
All LQA forms in 1 place
Very difficult to analyze quality
Immediate insights into quality
Multiple versions of the same data
Singe source of truth for LQA
LQA forms have errors and empty fields
Never deal with broken forms again

Have 100s of Excel LQA forms gathering dust?

Our friendly team can help you bring them ito ContentQuo and start getting insights & real value from your linguistic quality program!
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