Here's what makes ContentQuo the most comprehensive translation quality management solution on the market. Finally, your VM and MT teams can abandon Microsoft Excel for good!
Define Quality
Agree what quality is for each product or customer
MQM-DQF Compliant
Define any imaginable analytical quality profile based on this powerful, standardized issue catalog
Highly Customizable Quality Models
Change the list of categories, severities, error penalties and weights, and pass/fail scores
Multiple Quality Profiles
Work with just 1 quality profile or deploy 10s of them throughout your organization easily
Smart Random Sampling
Keep your review budgets and schedules under control without neglecting quality risk
Measure Quality
Collect detailed, reliable data on your language quality
Online Review Environment
Review translations and TMs in bilingual format & annotate errors right in your browser. Plus, all your tags will be safe!
Sub-Segment Error Annotation
Record and categorize multiple translation issues inside the same segment - even overlapping ones!
Cloud-based Collaboration
Reviewers & translators can work together simultaneously to reduce turnaround times
Manual & Automated QA
Use your expert linguists to assess quality, or your favourite automated QC tool. Or even both!
Note: ContentQuo doesn't develop its own automated translation QA algorithms. Instead, we can integrate popular 3rd party tools and your in-house tools onto our platform. Talk to us to learn more.
Edit Distance Metrics
Automatically get multiple Edit Distance metrics on any MT post-editing done inside or outside ContentQuo
Flexible LQA Workflow
Initial evaluation, translator rebuttal, final arbitration. Choose one or combine them all.
Adequacy-Fluency for MT engine evaluation
No time for detailed error annotation, e.g. for MT engine evaluation? Assess each segment as whole using simple ratings, even with multiple independent evaluators!
Source Content Quality*
Measure your source language quality manually and automatically (same as for translation)
Note: This feature is coming in a later release of ContentQuo. If you would like more details, please get in touch with us.
Analyze Quality
Get practical insights from your translation quality metrics
Central Data Storage
Collect all your quality evaluations and linguistic quality metrics in one secure, central, accessible place online
Real-time Quality Scorecards
Translation quality scores are calculated instantly as soon as linguistic errors are annotated online
Visual Dashboards
Built-in analytics features help uncover insights about quality and make better decisions
Offline Quality Reports
Process your data in an external system or share it with other teams who don't have online access
TAUS Quality Dashboard*
Benchmark your quality with other organizations on the TAUS Quality Dashboard*
Note: This feature is coming in a later release of ContentQuo. If you would like more details, please get in touch with us. Using TAUS Quality Dashboard and its features requires purchasing a separate subscription from TAUS.
Improve Quality
Manage your projects & improve your translations
TMS Integration
Save tons of time & reduce human error by syncing projects, users, and files with your TMS
Bilingual File Editor
Save improved translations to your bilingual files and translation memories - no tool switching!
Powerful PM Tools
Kanban board, task lists, project groups help you organize & run your quality evaluation projects
Built-in Chat & Email
Keep your project teams in sync & up to date on all assigned tasks and discussions
Easily Manage Many Layers of Vendors
Are you working with an LSP that delegates work to other LSPs that delegate work to more LSPs? Managing complex supply chains is a breeze in ContentQuo!
Other Cool Features
Some of the little things that make a product great
Modern, simple User Experience
We know that your teams will spend a lot of time in our product. That's why we care a lot about crafting the best possible user experience for them - to make their jobs less painful & more fun.
Cloud, dedicated server, or on-premise
Flexible hosting options to meet your needs and budget: use our secure, award-winning cloud data center in Germany (shared host or dedicated host) or bring your own (on the Enterprise plan).
20+ bilingual file formats (read & write)
From XLIFF1.2 to TMX1.4b, from SDL Trados Studio to MemSource to MemoQ, from Microsoft Excel to Sisulizer - we know how to read that stuff (and write most of it). Need more? Talk to us!
Custom development and integration services
No software product is a 100% fit for any given customer - that's the reality of ready-made products. That's why we're very happy to customize and integrate ContentQuo to meet your needs better!