Ada runs your translation quality programs for you
We augment your vendor managers and MT managers by giving them superhuman powers to focus on strategy
Augmented Quality Management for HT and MT
ContentQuo Ada automatically schedules and launches translation quality evaluations for your vendors and MT engines based on your budgets, strategic priorities, risk tolerance levels, and previous quality metrics. This frees up your vendor managers, quality managers, and MT managers to work on strategy and handle exceptions.
This sounds like magic!
Connect your TMS
In order to work, Ada needs to be connected to your Translation Management System (TMS). This is where it gets crucial source data to do its magic.
Define your quality strategy
How much budget do you have to assess quality? What quality tolerance each key account or product or content type has? How much uncertainty are you able to accept? What team do you have on hand?
Start automatic executon
Based on your strategy, Ada decides which translations shall go through quality evaluation, who will evaluate them, and how much to spend. She then starts tasks automatically - while you sit back and enjoy the data flowing in to your dashboards!
Ada adjusts based on data
As new data comes in, Ada revises her next plans in real time. Is quality going down for a language or vendor? Maybe they need more feedback. Is quality stable for a long time? Perhaps we can spend a bit less there. Many signals can be taken into account!
Monitor results & tweak your strategy as you go
As the whole process of gathering translation quality metrics now runs itself, you can devote your time to analyzing results, observing trends, and planning interventions. Over time, your strategy will change to reflect your priorities and business needs - just explain this to Ada, and she'll get to work!
Strategy is set by your team. Ada automates the tactics.
Define key risk tolerances
A user manual for your product might have a slightly rougher flow. However, marketing copy must be immaculate in all cases. Define what really matters.
Set priorities for data gathering
Spread out your quality measurements across vendors and content types. Or focus the efforts on improving just one problematic area of translation!
Assign evaluators automatically
Track the experience, training, and workload of your quality evaluators and assign best matches
Gather metrics on autopilot
Once you defined the budget, the risk tolerances, and the priorities, you can put the data gathering on autopilot - the program will just run itself!
Monitor reports and analytics
By having dozens of ways to slice and dice your translation quality metrics, you have a complete picture of your situation and are fully in charge.
Adjust the strategy over time
If things don't turn out quite as you imagined, tweak any aspect of your strategy - or launch a new one in parallel to see how it compares!
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